The Division Of Labour In Society Émile Durkheim

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The Division Of Labour In Society  by  Émile Durkheim

The Division Of Labour In Society by Émile Durkheim
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Putting aside for a second the super annoying human body is a microcosm of society examples, his blatant racism and sexism, and his borderline anti-semitism, there is something really interesting going on here.Is this the Manifesto of the American Democratic Party circa 2010 (now)?Because weve made our religions less rigid, and weve left our families for towns, and weve moved closer to one another, we can, we must, differentiate ourselves into different professions, to express our individualities, which makes us all rely on each other more, and therefore we have social cohesion.

Where our abilities do not match our roles, where unfair inequalities persist, we must remedy them, not just for fairness, but for the preservation of the society as a whole. It is governments role to pull us all together, to remind us of our shared interests in one another. Change will happen, but ever so slowly. . . .

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