Gandhi, Fighter Without A Sword Jeanette Eaton

ISBN: 9780688213237


253 pages


Gandhi, Fighter Without A Sword  by  Jeanette Eaton

Gandhi, Fighter Without A Sword by Jeanette Eaton
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Touching, moving, engaging. Lovely account of a great mans life.Gandhi: “I hold it to be a virtue to be disaffected toward a government which has done more harm to India than any previous system. India is less manly under British rule than she ever was before. I consider it to be a sin to have affection for the system.”Gandhi: “If one really gets hold of a truth, one must apply it to daily life and to all dealings with other people.

Then it is a living truth.”Gandhi: “Friends…you must show your faith in me and in our work by being patient and quiet. The policemen are only doing their duty. The magistrate had a perfect right to arrest me. I disobeyed his ruling that I leave Bihar.

If I am sent to prison, you must accept my sentence as just. We must work together peacefully. Any violent act will hurt our good cause.”“He was absorbed in the radiant peace flooding through his own being. That incident, the bewilderment on the blunt features of the policeman as he heard the words of forgiveness, had opened in Gandhi a vein of compassion such as he had never experienced before. He realized both the humiliations of his fellow Indians and the pitiful fate of those who had to enforce cruel and unjust regulations.”“Satyagraha signifies that a man must declare the truth in which he believes and be willing to die for it without violence to anyone.

Like a mighty flash of lightning the word satyagraha swept over South Africa. It struck fire in every Indian heart.”“Mahatma, or Great Soul, is the Indian title for a man whose spiritual life is of such purity that his very presence brings a blessing.”“The year 1920 saw the beginning of the new colony. Gandhi named it Tolstoy Farm in honor of the great Russian novelist whose ideas of simple living had deeply influenced him.

This community…proved that Hindus and Mohammedans, Untouchables and Brahmins could live and work together. Gandhi persuaded the children to share religious ceremonies. Mohammedan youngsters delighted in the Hindu festival of light …Hindu children shared part of the greatest Mohammedan fast. They prepared for their Mohammedan playmates a feast of cakes and sweetmeats to enjoy when the fast had ended.”

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