Rennillia 2 (Rennillia #2) M. Sembera




Rennillia 2 (Rennillia #2)  by  M. Sembera

Rennillia 2 (Rennillia #2) by M. Sembera
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A Simple Truth is very intriguing story. At the beginning of this book, Renillas (Ren) is dealing with the separation of her marriage. She is trying to cope with it until her husband Hert got into a car accident. Her best friend Jackson came with the news of her husband. On her husbands instruction, Jackson stayed with her.Since I havent read the first three books, Rens story sounds like she lives in a mafia environment. The HIM/HE is a mystery.

The readers will only know that HIM is Mr. Salvadors nephew. Of course, Rens life just gets more complicated as she learned the real reason that her husband Hert married her. There was a question of who is Sophies father. The readers will get some indication that she belongs to HIM. Now Hert and Jackson have to protect Ren and Sophie except Ren now want to handle the situation.My recommendation is to read the first three books which I will do to catch up with what has transpired leading to A Simple Truth.

As Jackson said Ren has no boundary or even acknowledge another persons personal spaces. It makes me wondered that this is probably the reason why she gets into these situation.

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